Camp Nadezhda

We have invited children and teenagers to this wonderful camp setting for the past five summers with the goal to have “Nadezhda #6” in 2015! Here, they receive government approved medical care, dental evaluation and access to a sports gym and outdoor playing fields for soccer along with other sports. They think they are in “Wonderland”!! Honestly, we feel it is the “best of the best” camping experiences in all of Belarus.

Also, they have classes twice daily with spiritual input and have, when desired, had a significant amount of craft items to work with. Last year, only a small number of campers were interested in the crafts, but we anticipate much more interest this year because of wanting to invite a larger number of younger campers.

Whenever possible, we have had outreaches to orphans (from Orphanage #1 in Moscow) and three different groups of disabled children. Our goal is to continue the same focus this summer. Whether in the KC area or at camp, the goal has always been to provide opportunities for our kids to share and reach out to others.

In 2014, we were privileged to have “Sasha from Ukraine” with us to teach in a special area. He and primary teacher, Igor, are with Every Generation Ministries (EGM) and work with students year round. Sasha was with us for five days to teach about Christian family life and the dangers of drugs and alcohol in a society that is extremely affected by these two abusive substances. The previous summer, a guest speaker came for one day to teach and warn the campers about the dangers of human trafficking. We plan to continue with those topics this year, along with the other classes.

Being at Nadezhda (the Russian word for “hope”) has been like “the shining two weeks of the year” for the children and teenagers who have attend. Many come from broken families, mainly absent and/or alcoholic fathers. So this time with them gives us the opportunity to nurture, share and teach and to “love on” them!

As you read this material, please consider how you might financially be a part of our endeavor to enable these special children and teens to attend the camp at Nadezhda!!

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