Tanya Khvitsko

At a very early age, Tanya was already exhibiting some amazing characteristics!!

TanyaVolodya 20070623_IMG_0227

Project Restoration brought Tanya to the KC area prior to her 6th birthday to receive prostheses for both legs. She was the youngest of a group of five Belarusian children and we saw determination in her even then! She came 5,000 miles from home to a new and different environment that would be frightening to most youngsters. However, she immediately went into the arms of wonderful host families who loved and cared for her along with everyone else who met her that summer.

On this page you’ll see some pictures of her advocacy and consideration of others when Project Restoration was visiting her boarding school about 18 months later in preparation for the next group of children to bring to the KC area for medical care. She was a little more than seven years old and we spent some time with her, did an evaluation of her current needs (with the school’s doctor present), and then she left the room.

img072Soon, Tanya returned with a very young boy named Volodya. She stood before us holding his hand and just stared at us without any words as if to say “Here he is. Now what are you going to do for him”?

Tanya.white dressTanya could not speak English at the time (can you imagine that?!!) but the look in her eyes definitely conveyed that she expected us to help him. Of course, we wanted to and that summer brought him for craniofacial evaluation.

Yes…it was Tanya who brought Volodya to meet us…not the doctor at the school!

He later was adopted, had multiple surgeries, graduated from a university and is now working! We wanted to share the pictures of the two of them in Belarus and then when they were “all grown up” at a wedding reception.

During the summers and throughout her college/university years three families were consistently helping with the various expenses incurred, as well as loving her as her “American parents”. Tanya is in touch with her family in Belarus almost weekly via Skype and has a nephew she has never met.

Tanya’s Latest News!!!
She is returning to Mid America Nazarene to enter a Master’s program. Her next stage of “life in America” begins early May 2015 when her classes start.

Most of Tanya’s current activities and efforts center around her new found ability to run…really well!!! Since receiving a second set of prostheses built especially for running at _____ she is getting better and faster! We will provide a link that will include some articles and photos about her running activities. By the way, she’s even been part of a mountain climbing team!!

Yeah!!!…Tanya…We’re so proud of you!!


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